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Count on a comfortable onboard climate year-round

On-time, on-budget air conditioning services for super yacht and sport fishing vessel owners.

A/C system dependability is critical to the well-being of everyone aboard, whether you’re out for the day or several months at a time.

Why Us?

Industry expertise.

Driven by a team of professionals who are marine engineers, masters, and sailors; we have direct experience dealing with the issues you face.

Hands-on veterans.

Our seasoned crew has worked with countless A/C brands, which means we can confidently recommend exactly what will work for you.

Exceptional results.

Our promise is that we’ll never short-change you on quality equipment or workmanship.

We service:

CondariaAquaAirMarine Air SystemsTechniColdCruisAirDometic

A/C evaluation services

Our skilled technicians solve air quality issues and improve reliability across the board. Our promise is that we will always:

  • Perform an in-depth evaluation of your system
  • Ensure you get the best possible customized solution
  • Provide the most experienced, qualified technicians for smooth operations
  • Employ our meticulous 7-step Internal Process Quality Assurance method
  • Stay in touch with you every step of the way so you always know where things stand

Chilled water A/C maintenance

Looking to refurbish an A/C unit on a vessel you just purchased? Need an upgrade of your existing system? We’ll check …

  • Seawater strainers
  • Air filters
  • Water pressure
  • Pumps and compressors

…to make a thorough assessment before we touch anything. Avoid unnecessary breakdowns, keep your warranty sound, and ensure everyone onboard is happy.

Worry-free repairs

Is your air conditioning unit consuming more power than usual or not firing at the normal rate? Whatever the problem is, whether big or small, our proven troubleshooting process will uncover the root cause.

Then our team will go to work to repair it, and keep you informed on our progress so you can focus on getting your boat ready to go.

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